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Where Creativity Connects

Art Cantina connects those who want to learn the visual arts with those who teach.

Our website takes you beyond prerecorded video instruction so you can learn the arts firsthand. Here you’ll find real-life instructors, hands-on workshops, really good art schools and art centers … in your hometown, where you travel, and even online for a virtual lesson.

Whether you are young or the young-at-heart, a novice or a master artisan, live in a city or the countryside, Art Cantina provides a wealth of opportunities and connections to fit any schedule, from private lessons or group workshops to more formal curriculums.

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sculpting workshop at Sculpture Depot


Ideas & Insights for Artists & Artisans, Students & Teachers

  • Cindy Briggs watercolor painting

Cindy Briggs, A Top-Shelf Teacher

Cindy Briggs Watercolor artist and instructor Cindy Briggs was one of our founding [...]

The Hunt for Art Scholarships

Who doesn't want to receive a scholarship? Or several? Art scholarships are definitely out there, [...]

Art Marketing Strategies: Promoting Your Good News

Artists wear so many hats and it's easy to miss opportunities when they are presented. [...]

Going the Extra Mile for Earth Day

Earth Day is Saturday, April 22nd, and a good time to reflect on how we [...]

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Individuals & Organizations Who Offer Art Lessons:
Art Teachers / Mentors
Art Therapists
Workshop Planners / Tour Organizers
Art Schools, Ateliers, Colleges
Art Centers
Art Museums
Associations, Societies, Non-Profits

Places That Host Art Lessons:
Art Galleries
Art Stores & Retailers
Exhibitions / Conferences
Community Venues (Senior Centers, Community Centers)
Park or Land Conservancies
Venues with Lodging

Tools of the Trade:
Art Supplies & Tools
How-To Books, Videos, Magazines

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