Making Art Lessons Possible for Everyone, Everywhere

Our home state of Colorado is filled with artists and beautiful art, but we discovered a disconnect between those who provide art education and those seeking it.

Such as the mother from Arvada who told us her daughter was taking the same art class for the third time because she didn’t know where to find something else. Or when retired friends weren’t sure to where to look for an overseas vacation that offered painting lessons. Or the affordable workshop space that often goes unused at our local retailer of art supplies.

As we searched nationwide, the more reasons we found to create an online resource that connects all aspects of art education around the world.

And so we—two women who met while volunteering at a fundraising art auction—launched Together we share a conviction that everyone…the young and the young-at-art, in cities or the countryside…should be able to easily find art lessons, places of art instruction, and the art supplies needed.

Our goal at Art Cantina is to foster the individual’s creative spirit and encourage lifelong learning.

LaVonne Ewing and Carolyn (Charlie) Bogusz, Co-Founders