Artists wear so many hats and it’s easy to miss opportunities when they are presented. Running a successful business requires having plans in place to seize those moments. One such opportunity is when you win an award or your work is recognized in some manner. As awards are gained, we need to take the time to promote those wonderful milestones and gain some attention. Here are suggestions to help you maximize these opportunities and possibly increase exposure to your art, and gain awareness for your teaching.

Social Media – Be strategic

  • Thank and tag the organization/group that presented the award.
  • Thank and tag the judge. If the judge made a comment, make sure to include that in your post.
  • If you won a prize, thank and tag the sponsor.
  • If you are a member of other art organizations that promotes their members’ good news, make sure you let them know. Many organizations share members’ news in their newsletters. Email them and find out what they require.
  • Change your cover page to include your winning work. Canva has great Facebook cover templates that are free.
  • Respond to anyone who makes a comment.
  • Make sure your Instagram settings aren’t set to private. I see a lot of artists that do this; it’s social media, for goodness sake.

Send out Press Releases…I can hear the collective groans

Promote your news with a press release to your local newspaper, publications and national art magazines. I have seen this work on many occasions. Several Art Muse Contest finalists (they didn’t win the top prize) had an article written about them by simply sending out a press release. Keep in mind writers are always looking for content. A few minutes work could result in an article. Free publicity!!!
Not sure how to write a press release? Click here. 

Other Suggestions

Create a short eblast to your subscribers announcing your award or achievement, linking back to your updated website.

Add your accomplishment to your resume and online bio. It’s important to keep a record of your awards/accomplishments.

At the end of the day, the energy and excitement that you bring to your achievements are the investment that will contribute to your success.

Kelley Sanford is a professional artist, owner of Artist BFF and co-owner of the online art competition, Art Muse Contest.