Aaron Schuerr

Aaron Schuerr
Aaron Schuerr

The heart of my work is in the outdoors, in absorbing the pattern of light on the landscape. In my workshops I break down the painting process in ways that allow the student to focus on different aspects of the landscape: color, form, and value are at the heart of every good painting. I'm there to help students take steps to clarify their artistic vision.

Visual Arts: Painting, Drawing
Area Served: Montana
Ages Taught: Youth (12-16), Adults
Skill Levels Taught: All
Location of Lessons: In studio, On location
Lesson Details & Fees: I'm firmly convinced that the core of landscape painting is in being there: painting on location can be daunting, but richly rewarding. Most of my workshops are focused on learning to paint confidently outside, whether to paint a study for a studio painting, or as an end in itself. My workshops range from five days, and include oil and pastel. I also teach charcoal drawing as an effective tool to understanding value and composition.
City: Livingston
State: Montana
Country: USA
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