American Impressionist Society

American Impressionist Society

The American Impressionist Society, Inc. (AIS) was founded by Florida artists William Schultz, Charlotte Dickinson, and Marjorie Bradley, of Vero Beach, and Pauline Ney, of Ellenton. It's goal:

“To promote the appreciation of Impressionism through exhibitions, workshops and other media.”

Membership is open to legal US resident artists, US citizens living abroad and anyone who wishes to support American Impressionism.

American Impressionist Society, Inc. defines American Impressionism as the concern for light on form, color, and brushstrokes. It allows equal latitude between these attributes, and recognizes not a single definitive element, but several factors–including high key light and hue, visual breakdown of detail, concern for contemporary life, and cultivation of direct and spontaneous approaches to a subject.

AIS is now a 501(C)(3) Not for profit organization.

Visual Arts: Painting
Art Cantina Directory:
Ages Taught: Adults
Skill Levels Taught: All
Focus: Artists Society
Country / Region: USA