Brenda Pinnick

Brenda Pinnick
Brenda Pinnick

Brenda Pinnick is a lifelong artist originally from Michigan, now living in the Atlanta, GA area where she works in plein air and in her home studio. With her little dog Paisley always at her side, she enjoys pushing the envelope where color is concerned, often using color as an expressive element in her paintings.

Brenda studied fine art with an emphasis on painting in college then, later in life graduated from the prestigious Creative Circus in Atlanta with a certificate in Design and a professional portfolio of work. Upon graduation, she was recruited by Hallmark Cards to work as a hybrid designer creating gift wrap and gift bags, party ware and invitations using her skills as a colorist and pattern designer.

Brenda next went to work for Plaid enterprises, a manufacturer of crafting supplies including it's well loved paint brands. She lead the paper crafting design team, created art for stamps, Scrapbooking and more. In January 2013, Brenda said goodbye to her agents and dove into daily painting, bringing all her skills as a colorist and a designer with her. She now works in oils, pastels and acrylics, creating beautifully colored, bold and unapologetic artworks.

"I create art which is about color ... how color can lift our spirits, how it can transform the mundane into spectacular, how it can entice us to move away from ordinary thinking into forming new ideas and opinions. I paint small to medium sized pieces onto museum quality gesso board or canvas using the finest pigments available to today's artists. Pastels, oils and acrylics are my chosen mediums, sometimes combining them, always in an archival manner. My subject matter is varied and includes still life florals, intimate landscapes, buildings and contemporary scenes- wherever I find inspiration."

Visual Arts: Painting
Area Served: Georgia
Art Cantina Directory:
Ages Taught: Adults
Skill Levels Taught: Beginner, Intermediate
Location of Lessons: In studio
Lesson Details & Fees: My teaching style includes a generous mix of artistic inspiration, technique and color theory. My desired class size is 10-20 people which gives every student the advantage of one on one time for personal instruction. I encourage my students to interact and network during and after the class as a form of continual support and growth.
City: Woodstock
State: Georgia
Country: USA
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