Camille Przewodek

Camille Przewodek
Camille Przewodek

In addition to my training at Wayne State University in Detroit, and the Academy of Art College in San Francisco, I studied color with impressionist master, Henry Hensche, at the Cape School of Art in Provincetown, MA, focusing on seeing the various light keys of nature, and expressing them through accurate color relationships.

I have been an invited instructor, lecturer, and panelist on the Hensche-Hawthorne approach to seeing and painting color at American Artist Magazine’s Weekend with the Masters, as well as a regularly featured, on-stage demonstrator at Plein Air Magazine’s Annual Plein Air Convention. I am also a Signature member of the Laguna Plein Air Painters, Oil Painters of America, and the American Impressionist Society; a Master Signature member of American Women Artists; and an Artist member of the California Art Club.

For list of shows, awards, and publications: please visit my website.

Visual Arts: Painting
Area Served: California
Art Cantina Directory:
Art Critiques: Critique - $60.00
Once a student has completed a 5-day workshop, they are eligible to enroll in my online classes on Monday afternoons.
Ages Taught: Adults
Skill Levels Taught: All
Location of Lessons: On location, Online
Lesson Details & Fees: 5-day Workshop — We will paint simple outdoor still life studies for the first two days to help us grasp the meaning of light key, and prepare us for tackling the landscape. Next two days we’ll be on location. I will be teaching the structure of the landscape—what to include and what to leave out. On the last day we’ll do color studies of the figure (in the Hensche/Hawthorne “mudhead” tradition). We will concentrate on the development of strong starts, and expressing the big masses, light key and aerial perspective with color. Each day you will do a color study before lunch, followed by one or two color studies in the afternoon.

Monday morning classes in Petaluma: critique at 8:45am, then on location 9 am - noon.

$675 for 5-day plein-air color workshop in Petaluma; $140 for four Monday morning classes on location.
City: Petaluma
State: California
Country: USA
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