Christina Ramos

Christina Ramos
Christina Ramos

Christina Ramos is a nationally recognized artist from Southern California. Specializing in Portraiture and Representational painting Christina was selected to be an "Artist to Watch" for 2015 from Southwest Art Magazine. She was also selected by the Golden Paint Company to be one of their "Working Artists" Because of her innovative use of acrylic, Christina is a much sought after demonstrator and teacher. She conducts lectures and workshops throughout Southern California.

Visual Arts: Painting
Area Served: California
Art Critiques: Critique - $25.00
All elements of painting will be discussed. Composition, color harmony, and technique. Suggestions for areas of improvement will be addressed with detailed information. All critiques will be tailored to the desired outcome and style of the artist. Recommendations for further development to both the painting and the skills of the artist will be addressed. A continued focus on positive input, and encouragement are the goal.
Ages Taught: Adults
Skill Levels Taught: All
Location of Lessons: In studio, On location
Lesson Details & Fees: Acrylic 101 - painting representationally in acrylic-subject matter, still life. Takes you through the basics of acrylic painting. Creating form, color mixing, composition, education on pigments binders, how to create your own still life box, etc.
Portrait painting - Learn the fundamentals: Color theory, effects of lighting, creating complementary backgrounds, how to mix realistic flesh tones etc.
Skins, Pours and Image transfers in Acrylic - How to use paint to create acrylic skins that can be used in paintings and collages, how to create abstract pours using paint and different mediums, how to do direct and indirect image transfers using gels and mediums.
Mono Printing with OPEN acrylic paint and Gelli plates - Students will learn how to use everyday household items to show a range of techniques on these one of a kind prints.
City: Burbank
State: California
Country: USA
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