ClaySpace Ceramic Arts Studio

ClaySpace Ceramic Arts Studio
ClaySpace Ceramic Arts Studio

Ten years ago, ClaySpace began as small gathering of 20 clay artists and enthusiasts who pooled their talents and resources to join together and create a nonprofit artists' co-operative. We've grown to over 55 resident artists and interns in a 6800 sf studio and gallery space with a wide assortment of handbuilding equipment as well as 7 kilns and 20 wheels. Our classes and workshops are perfect for all ages and skill levels and are taught by experienced and talented instructors.

Visual Arts: Ceramics / Pottery
Area Served: Illinois
Ages Taught: Children (5-11), Youth (12-16), Adults
Skill Levels Taught: Beginner, Intermediate
Location of Lessons: In studio
Lesson Details & Fees: We offer a variety of classes in handbuilding, sculpture and wheel thrown ceramics. There are classes for all ages and ability levels. Visit our website for the latest list of classes and workshops. Our facilities are in a large studio space where we have a variety of electric, gas, glass, and raku kilns. We also offer equipment for handbuilding, sculpture and wheelthrown enthusiasts, such as a slab roller, extruder, and slump forms.
City: Lisle
State: Illinois
Country: USA
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