James Biggers

James Biggers

James Biggers graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art Degree before moving to Colorado where he now resides and pursues his passion for painting. A strong sense of design that is evident in his paintings was developed during his work as a commercial artist.

Father Walsh, who was a graduate of the Art Institute of Chicago, along with Richard Schmid were great influences.

Biggers discovered, At some point you have to put something of yourself into your work, without this element you will never have a great painting. Design and the subject may attract people to your painting, heart is what keeps them there. The best way to capture the heart of a subject is to paint from life and to continually search for new subject matter. Extensive travel has fed this desire.

Wanting more than a breathtaking scene to paint, James goal is to portray the essence of the emotion. He strives to give his paintings depth so that the viewer can go beyond what initially drew them in to the work of art. When someone comes to me and tells me that they have had one of my paintings for years and they can still feel the emotions of it, then I know I have succeeded as an artist.

Visual Arts: Painting
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Ages Taught: Adults
Skill Levels Taught: Intermediate
Location of Lessons: In studio, On location
Country / Region: USA
State: Colorado
City: Estes Park
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