Lane Dukart

Lane Dukart
Lane Dukart

From a solar-powered studio, nestled among tall pines and massive granite formations in a quiet valley of the Colorado Rockies, artist Lane Dukart produces unique stoneware creations and passes on his knowledge to fellow artists. Lane's creations of bells, planters, and light sconces can be found in art galleries and garden centers throughout the country. His one-of-a-kind custom architectural works grace the interiors and exteriors of many homes.

Visual Arts: Ceramics / Pottery
Area Served: Colorado
Art Cantina Directory:
Ages Taught: Youth (12-16), Adults
Skill Levels Taught: Beginner, Intermediate
Location of Lessons: In studio
Lesson Details & Fees: Half-day (3 hours, $75) and full-day sessions (6 hours, $150) are available. My off-grid studio is located about 45 minutes west of Fort Collins, Colorado, in Buckhorn Canyon. Sessions can be tailored to your interest and skill level, with the primary focus on unglazed, handmade architectural tile. You will learn slab building, hand extruding, sprig molding and embossing, and how the durable stoneware clay is fired to over 2000 degrees F in my propane-fired kiln, making it impervious to the elements of nature. Other options include slip casting basics.
City: Masonville
State: Colorado
Country: USA
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