Loosen Up! with Derek Penix in Monterey

art by Derek Penix
Loosen Up! with Derek Penix in Monterey

Students will use oils (acrylics are allowed as well) to paint from photos. With Penix giving a demo each morning, the afternoons are left for ample time for student painting with Penix giving guidance as needed. Students will have a choice of dozens of photographs consisting of trees, boats, cityscapes, figures, koi, birds or hanging fruit. Students will also have the option to paint from their own photos if they choose.

Penix will cover topics like how to make your paintings more 3-dimensional, the power of warms and cools, color theory, harmony, edges, shape-quality, variety, simplifying, loosening brushwork, elements of design, elements of light and shadow, the power of suggestion and finally painting how you see versus just copying a photograph.

Derek Penix
Beginner, Intermediate
Pacific Grove Art Center
Pacific Grove
Kitty Penix