Patrick Kipper

Patrick Kipper
Patrick Kipper

Master patineur and author Patrick Kipper has over forty years of experience in the field of bronze patina and the science of fine art conservation of bronze pieces, for both indoor and outdoor sculpture. His experience and creativity has garnered him one of the largest known palettes of patinas.

He is also author of two award-winning, best-selling books: Patinas for Silicon Bronze - a comprehensive guide includes 72 recipes and step-by-step instructions for patinas on silicon bronze, along with corresponding color plate; The Care of Bronze Sculpture - covers the preservation of bronze sculpture, with easy step-by-step instructions for cleaning and preserving bronze treasures.

Patrick is often asked, Why do you share your knowledge with others on such secretive and classified subjects such as bronze patination and conservation? And he usually responds: I feel lucky to be able to have compiled such a pool of knowledge and therefore feel obligated to share and assist others who may find themselves on the same path and hopefully, by doing so, reducing many of the pitfalls and frustrations that I and others have experienced.

Visual Arts: Sculpture
Area Served: Worldwide
Ages Taught: Adults
Skill Levels Taught: All
Location of Lessons: In studio, On location
City: Loveland
State: Colorado
Country: USA
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