Sketch & Paint Florence, Italy with Norberto Dorantes

Sketch & Paint Florence, Italy with Norberto Dorantes
Sketch & Paint Florence, Italy with Norberto Dorantes

Join architect and urban sketcher, Norberto Dorantes and learn how to capture the essence of a city using cafes, people and buildings as your subjects.

​This workshop will guide you in the fascinating world of urban sketching, travelogue and the pleasure of sketching on location. You will achieve your artistic goals with the simple tools of watercolor and brushes. Norberto will focus on line fluidity, building proportions in relation to people and drawing complex detailed structures by omission and synthesis. You will learn to …

  • ​Find a focal point that will form the basis of the composition
  • ​​Sort through what you see: don’t draw everything, don’t express everything, make choices
  • ​​Observe well then paint quickly, because you understand the space before you
  • Become confident in your mark making
  • Work with large masses of value and color
  • ​​Feel the freedom of gesture
  • ​​​Start developing your sketchbook
  • Add expressive paints to your sketches along with ephemera such as tickets, quotes, bits of brochures, found objects or anything that you would like to remember.

​​You’ll stay in the heart of Florence where you’ll be surrounded by the art and beauty of the Renaissance city that is known for it’s architecture and art. Free time will be spent absorbing all the city has to offer – cafes, museums, iconic sites, and the wonderful food the Italians know how to make so well.

The first day will be spent in the studio where Norberto will explain some basics. In the following days, you will sketch favorite areas around Florence with pencil, inks and watercolor. Norberto will help you find the freedom to paint in your sketchbook and record the city in a confident and creative way.

Norberto Dorantes is a Mexican-born architect and educator currently teaching at the School of Architecture, Design and Urbanism (FADU) of the University of Buenos Aires. He is the founder and director of Taller Perspective, and also taught at the Society of Architects and other professional associations. He has taught in Mexico City, Lisbon, Barcelona, Bogotá, Santiago de Chile and Argentina, and his work has been recognized in several competitions in architecture and drawing.

Workshop Instructors: Norberto Dorantes
Visual Arts: Painting, Drawing
Start Date: 09/24/2019
End Date: 09/30/2019
Workshop Cost: $1800-$2950
Ages Taught: Adults
Skill Levels Taught: All
City: Florence
Country: Italy