Windows to the Divine

Windows to the Divine
Windows to the Divine

Through the beauty of art, Windows to the Divine? promotes patronage and philanthropy. As patrons, we seek to inspire everyone to become a collector and affirm the special calling of artists. As philanthropists, we support the mission of the Dominicans and their service to the elderly and the homeless.

Windows to the Divine is privileged to be an advocate for artists and to promote their singular vocation by offering stellar creative opportunities to showcase their works and forge relationships with collectors. When works are exhibited and sold, artists receive sixty percent of the art sales proceeds and forty percent benefits the Foundation.

In 2015, the foundation launched Collectors for Connoisseurship (C4C), a national nonprofit network of collectors and artists dedicated to art appreciation and collecting. C4C hosts exhibitions, forums and collector salons in order to promote the vocation of the living artist.

Visual Arts: Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Printmaking
Area Served: Colorado
Ages Taught: Adults
Focus: Philanthropy
City: Denver
State: Colorado
Country: USA