The Art of Teaching Art: Getting Started

Part One – Featuring Teaching Artists Julie Gilbert Pollard and Robert Campagna

How did you get started teaching art? I posed this question to teachers listed in our ArtEdu Directory on Their varied responses are quite fascinating and empowering.

In this new article series, I’ll share their stories and insights with […]

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Remote Art Lessons Are Possible with this Online Tool

Zoom-ing in on Art Lessons

How does teaching artist Lori Corbett connect with art students from around the world without leaving her home in Saint Anthony, Idaho? She uses Zoom, an amazingly powerful yet simple-to-use online conferencing and sharing tool.

Lori’s workshop “Practical Color Theory and Mixing” includes live Q&A […]

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Teaching Art to Homeschoolers

Remember the excitement of a new box of crayons? Those of us older than the internet recall those brilliant colors and putting those colors on paper. Maybe even melting them with your mom’s iron!

Art lessons for homeschoolers today venture far beyond coloring books, but the thrill of creating art hasn’t […]

Art Marketing Strategies: Promoting Your Good News

Artists wear so many hats and it’s easy to miss opportunities when they are presented. Running a successful business requires having plans in place to seize those moments. One such opportunity is when you win an award or your work is recognized in some manner. As awards are gained, we […]

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