De-stressing Teens (and Adults) with Art Lessons in Nature

What happens when teens visit a scenic working farm, complete with cows and sheep, and are given high-quality art supplies and an experienced, insightful instructor? As retreat organizer Susan Nicholas Gephart relates, they quickly embrace the serenity of nature, gladly put away their smartphones, and dive into the art lessons. [...]

Going the Extra Mile for Earth Day

Earth Day is Saturday, April 22nd, and a good time to reflect on how we as artists can do our share to protect our planet...the place we find so much inspiration. Here are eight simple steps you can easily implement. 1. Use repurposed containers in your studio; laundry soap pod [...]

Are you crafty enough to take our 30-day challenge? 

March is National Craft Month and to celebrate we thought it would be fun to try a new craft every day!  We’ve compiled a list of ideas (with links) that offer an educational twist for a variety of age groups and skill levels. Why create with our hands? Claire Waring [...]

The Da Vinci Initiative brings skill-based art training to classrooms

The Da Vinci Initiative believes that students should be able to make the art that is in their heads and hearts without compromising due to lack of skills to execute their ideas. To help children gain access to technical art skills and methods, The Da Vinci Initiative was co-founded by Art [...]