March is National Craft Month and to celebrate we thought it would be fun to try a new craft every day!  We’ve compiled a list of ideas (with links) that offer an educational twist for a variety of age groups and skill levels.

Why create with our hands? Claire Waring says it very well in her Craft Schmaft blog:

“To make is to be human. It’s global, primal and wonderful. The necessity of making is long gone, we craft these days because we want to. Using our hands is almost a luxury, an indulgence in precious time and gorgeous materials. The satisfaction I get from crafting can’t be measured. It’s a joy that can’t be compared and certainly  can’t be bought. I treasure the doing as much as having done. You see to me it’s not just making stuff. It’s making happy. And a handmade gift? Well that’s simply love made visible.”

March craft ideas

  1. Color spray t-shirts (Science)
  2. African mask out of paper plates (African history)
  3. Macrame a plant hanger (Knots, dexterity)
  4. Make a Fibonacci curve from paper (Math)
  5. Use pipe cleaners to make the alphabet (Letters)
  6. Finger knit something fun (Dexterity)
  7. Create a zoo out to toilet tube animals (Animals)
  8. Make a seashell shadow box (Ocean life)
  9. Origami swans (Japanese culture)
  10. Decoupage flower pots (Botany)
  11. Marble painting (Colors, lines, shapes)
  12. Loom bead a bracelet (Patterns, shapes)
  13. Wire wrapped bird nest necklace (Nature, working with tools)
  14. Create a scrapbook page (Composition)
  15. Painted rock bugs (Science, nature)
  16. Sponge painting (Colors, shapes)
  17. Paint a pot of gold and rainbow (St. Patrick’s Day)
  18. Wood burn a cutting board (Pyrography, design)
  19. Mosaic Garden Stepping Stones (Glass arts)
  20. Tulips from egg cartons (First day of Spring)
  21. Dog collar from trim (Sewing)
  22. Make an upcycled bird feeder (Science)
  23. God’s Eye with yarn and popsicle sticks (Indigenous people)
  24. Make a fleece tie knot throw (Textile art)
  25. Tie dye a t-shirt (Textiles)
  26. Bead a wind chime (Beading)
  27. Mixed media butterfly wall art (Science)
  28. Weave a potholder (Weaving, colors, dexterity)
  29. Make a rainbow of pinch pots from polymer clay (Science)
  30. Easy Ukranian Easter Eggs (Ukraine history)

Come up with you own great craft project and share it with us!