To promote an individual’s art teaching expertise, lesson options and availability, choose Teaching Artists category.

To advertise upcoming art education events with specific dates (lessons, workshops, classes), choose Art Workshops category.

To attract art students to a physical location where art is taught, choose Places to Learn Art category. Types of Venues include:

  • Art School, College, Atelier
  • Private Art Studio
  • Community Art Center
  • Art Gallery
  • Art Museum
  • Exhibition, Conference
  • Art Store, Retailer
  • Destination with Lodging

Choose the Arts Programs & Nonprofits category if your organization’s focus is:

  • Community Outreach
  • Creative Arts Therapy
  • Artists Society
  • Arts Council
  • Philanthropy
  • Other Visual Arts Educational Mission

Resources for Artists is a broad category, with sub-categories that include how-to instructional materials, art tools and supplies, and business skills.