Frequently Asked Questions
Best practices when submitting a workshop listing2019-02-12T11:04:39-06:00

Tip #1:  Use your full name in the first sentence of the workshop description so search engines can find you.

Tip #2: Your photo image should be at least 800 pixels wide. A horizontal photo of 800px (width) x 600px (height) would be perfect.

Tip #3:  The description area is also the place to provide lots of details, such as what you will be teaching, what supplies they need to bring, and maybe  something about the location if it is a unique setting. Don’t forget to toot your own horn by including a brief bio about yourself.

Where do I advertise my art classes?2018-01-23T13:51:23-06:00

We offer 2 options for promoting on-going art classes, private lessons, or one-time workshops/events. You may participate in one or both options:

  1. Submit Listings to the Learn-The-Arts Calendar
  2. Add your “Lesson Options” to your Profile in the ArtEdu Directory

Our Recommendations:

All art education providers should create a Free or Premium Profile. Besides being an excellent platform for describing your teaching experience, you can add your specific teaching details under “Lesson Options”. This option is ideal for those who teach private lessons or offer a regular curriculum at their studio, store, school, etc.

Then buy listings in the Calendar for upcoming classes with specific dates, such as a 3-day workshop in October, or recurring classes at a specific time (i.e. every Monday evening from 7 to 8 pm).

Both the Calendar and Directory can be sorted by several filters so potential students can easily find art lessons well suited to them.

How do I become a Verified provider in the ArtEdu Directory?2017-11-27T08:32:59-06:00

When you add a Premium Profile to the ArtEdu Directory, your submission will be reviewed and we will verify your contact information. Once approved, the ‘verified’ checkmark will appear next to your name.

Other benefits of a Premium Profile include a longer, more detailed description, additional art images,  links to your website and social media channels, and preferred, top-of-list placement in the Directory. Read more about the benefits.

Start here to create a new Premium Profile or upgrade your Free Profile to Premium:

Create Premium Profile
What can I promote in the Workshops Calendar?2017-11-21T15:31:33-06:00

“Workshop” is our all-encompassing term for any visual arts education event / class with a specific start and end date. We welcome group classes, workshops, intensives, camps, tours… you name it, as long as it has a teaching / educational component.

Recurring events will be shown for 3 months.

Do you accept recurring events / classes?2017-11-21T15:33:21-06:00

Yes, recurring events or on-going classes may be listed for 3 months.

May I register an art show or competition?2017-11-21T15:35:24-06:00

If you have any art-education sessions, field trips, tours or other events at your art show or competition, then please add them to our Workshop Calendar.

How do I submit a listing to the Calendar?2018-11-14T14:02:12-06:00
  1. Add Basic Listing ($25) to your shopping cart.

  2. Buy as many as you need. Get a 25% discount when you purchase 4 or more!

  3. In the Customer Note section, add the titles of your workshops (we will use this for cross-referencing your payment with your submission).

  4. Pay for your workshops and then check your email. You’ll receive the link to the submission form (see screenshot below) in your receipt. Click that link to open the submission form; add your workshop details; click Submit.

  5. We will review your submission, verify payment, and if all looks good, activate it.

submit workshop already purchased

Who should participate?2018-05-29T10:01:13-06:00

We invite…

Individuals & Organizations Who Offer Art Lessons:
Art Teachers / Mentors
Art Therapists
Workshop Planners / Tour Organizers / Consultants
Art Schools, Ateliers, Colleges
Art Centers
Art Museums
Associations, Societies, Non-Profits

Places That Host Art Lessons:
Art Galleries
Art Stores & Retailers
Exhibitions / Conferences
Community Venues (Senior Centers, Community Centers)
Park or Land Conservancies
Venues with Lodging

Tools of the Trade:
Art Supplies & Tools
How-To Resources (Books, Videos, Magazines, Lessons)

What is included in the visual arts?2017-11-16T11:37:53-06:00

The visual arts on Art Cantina include eleven main categories: painting, drawing, sculpture, collage & mosaics, glass arts, ceramics & pottery, jewelry & metalsmithing, fiber arts & textiles, printmaking, paper arts, and photography.

Click here to discover the dozens and dozens of mediums and techniques.

What if I don’t see my specialty under the visual art subcategories?

Please email us with your suggestion: support@artcantina.com

How do I become a member?2017-11-07T09:45:53-06:00

Membership is free. All you need to do is provide your first and last name, email address and password. Then check your email for the final confirmation link to activate your account.

What features are available to members?2017-11-13T10:14:04-06:00

When you join Art Cantina, you will be able to:

Create a Profile for the Directory
Our ArtEdu Directory is open to anyone involved with art education, from teachers and mentors, to schools, art centers, venues hosting classes, and more. Two options are available: Free and Premium. Tell me more!

Submit a Listing to the Calendar
Promote upcoming workshops, group classes, tours, education events in the Learn-The-Arts Calendar, a great marketing tool for teachers, organizers, venue hosts and more. Choose from a Basic or Feature Listing. Tell me more!

Send Private Messages
Members can easily contact art education providers in our ArtEdu Directory by clicking the blue “message” button on each profile. More details please!

Who should create a profile?2018-05-29T09:59:34-06:00

We invite…

Individuals & Organizations Who Offer Art Lessons:
Art Teachers / Mentors
Art Therapists
Workshop Planners / Tour Organizers
Art Schools, Ateliers, Colleges
Art Centers
Art Museums
Associations, Societies, Non-Profits

Places That Host Art Lessons:
Art Galleries
Art Stores & Retailers
Exhibitions / Conferences
Community Venues (Senior Centers, Community Centers)
Park or Land Conservancies
Venues with Lodging

Tools of the Trade:
Art Supplies & Tools
How-To Resources (Books, Videos, Magazines, Lessons)

Photo Requirements (for Profiles)2017-11-14T16:38:33-06:00

Maximum file size (for any photo): 3 MB

The square profile photo is required. Upload either a closeup headshot or your logo.

We recommend JPG format, saved as RGB (not CMYK).

Profile Cover (Banner) Photos

Minimum size: 800 pixels wide

To upload your horizontal image, click “Upload a cover photo” on your profile form. (To access / edit your profile, log into your account and choose “edit profile” from the right column, under Member Quick Links.)

Then drag & drop your file into the next window, or click the Upload button to access your file manager.

The photo upload tool will help you crop and position your image.


Profile Photo – Headshot or Logo (required)

Minimum size: 200 pixels square, but that may look fuzzy. Go larger if you can.

Please do not show the back of your head! Potential students and customers need to see your friendly face.

Click the grey box on the left and select “Upload photo.”

Then drag & drop your file into the next window, or click the Upload button to access your files.

The photo upload tool will help you crop and position your image.

How do I resize / downsize my images?

If you don’t have a photo editing program:

  • On a computer running Windows, you can use Photo Gallery.
  • On the Mac, use the Preview app.


How are workshops sorted and displayed?2018-01-23T13:13:11-06:00

Workshops can be viewed in the PHOTO, LIST or MONTH mode.

Feature listings will be above basic listings, and all will be sorted chronologically.

Several filter options are available to sort/filter the listings:

  • Art Category
  • Type of Venue
  • Skill Level Taught
  • State/Province
  • Country
  • Featured Workshops
What is included in a calendar listing?2017-11-07T09:51:09-06:00
  • Workshop Title
  • Workshop Description
  • Workshop Time & Date
  • Image
  • Categories (art disciplines)
  • Venue Details  (name, address, phone, website)
  • Organizer Details (instructor or other); name, phone, website, email
  • Workshop website
  • Instructors
  • Skill Levels Taught (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)
  • Art Mediums/Techniques
  • Type of Venue (choose from 11 options; see below)
  • Workshop Cost

Choose from the following types of venue when listing a workshop:

  • Art School
  • Art Studio
  • Art Center
  • Art Museum
  • Art Gallery
  • Community Venue
  • Exhibition / Conference
  • On Location
  • Retailer
  • Venue with Lodging
  • Other
Do I also need a directory profile when listing workshops?2017-11-21T15:39:27-06:00

You do not need a profile, but it is a good idea to have one so potential students can read more about your expertise, view your artwork, and send you a message.

If you are the organizer or venue manager, please encourage your teachers to create Free or Premium profiles.

What does it cost to promote a workshop?2018-11-14T14:03:43-06:00

Click here to view the prices and details of Basic Listings, and who is eligible for feature listings.

How do I write an effective teaching bio?2017-11-06T14:45:46-06:00

Selling your teaching knowledge and skills is quite different than promoting your artwork. The question you need to answer: Why would someone want to study with me?

Savvy students know that commercially successful artists do not guarantee great teaching skills. So take the time to tailor your message. Put the important teaching ‘stuff’ right up front, not buried in the last paragraph, and make each word count (longer is not always better).

Tell the reader what you teach and how you teach. Explain your lesson options.

Add details…do you teach history along with techniques? Do you enjoy teaching youth? Seniors? Those with special needs? Then include your expertise in the subject matter.

Take advantage of this section to convey your enthusiasm for creating art and inspire others to join you.

How do I create, edit or upgrade my profile?2018-01-23T14:45:01-06:00

Step One: Log into your account or register for the first time.

To create profile for the first time:

Choose “Create Directory Profile” from Member Quick Links (right column). You’ll be directed to our secure shopping cart to choose a Free Profile or Premium Profile. After completing this step, return to your Account page and click “Edit Profile” to access your profile form.

NOTE: Verified checkmark is reserved for Premium profiles

To upgrade from Free to Premium Profile:

Choose “Upgrade to Premium Profile” from Member Quick Links (right column). After completing your purchase, return to your Account page and click “Edit Profile” to access the longer, more detailed profile form.

To edit your existing profile:

Choose “Edit Profile” under Member Quick Links.

Alternate method:

If you are logged in and looking at your full profile, click to cog icon on the right side below your banner cover photo. A submenu will pop up. Click “Edit Profile” here to access the profile form.


Click on the headshot icon to add / change your photo. Do the same for the horizontal cover (banner) photo. Type in your description and other details.

Be sure to click the purple UPDATE PROFILE button at bottom of the page to save your work.

Update often with your latest information.

NOTE: Verified checkmark is reserved for Premium profiles

Where can I teach?2017-11-06T14:26:03-06:00

You determine where you teach. Our general options are: in studio, on location, or online for a virtual lesson (using Skype, Facetime or other online tools). Use “Lesson Options” to add more details.

How can I contact a provider? (Private Messaging)2018-01-23T15:00:43-06:00

We are pleased to provide a very easy-to-use tool for communicating: Private Messaging

Each profile has a blue message button on the right side, below the banner artwork and name.

When a registered user clicks this button, a message board will appear and a 200-character message can be sent to the provider (teacher / organization / business).

Blue message button on the right side.

Message Board (above)

We will email you whenever you receive a new messages. To read and respond to your messages, log in to your account. Select Message Center, under Member Quick Links.

What should I list under Critiques?2017-11-06T14:02:38-06:00

List your fee(s) and describe what your critique fees include, such as per image, per collection of 3 images, per hour.

Also include what type of feedback they can expect, how it is provided (phone, email, Skype conference), and your turnaround time.

The more information you can provide upfront, the easier it is for the student to understand what you offer.

How long will my workshop/event appear in the calendar?2018-01-23T13:20:19-06:00

A workshop/event listing will appear in the calendar until the event is over.

Recurring events or on-going classes will be displayed for 3 months. After that, you may purchase another basic or feature listing and enter new dates.

Can I have more than one profile?2017-11-27T08:40:49-06:00

In the ArtEdu Directory, we allow one profile per login email.

To set up a 2nd profile, just use a different email address for that profile. You’ll then have a separate login / password for that 2nd account.

For example, an art teacher can have a personal profile (connected to his/her personal email), plus a profile for her non-profit art association (connected to the non-profit’s email) or her art supply business (connected to the business’ email address).

What’s included in a profile?2017-11-07T09:48:03-06:00
  • Profile Card on the main Directory page (samples shown here)

  • Your complete profile on a separate page (view Premium sample)

  • Private Messaging

Plus these features for Free or Premium.


Sample Profile Cards

What does a profile cost?2018-10-25T10:57:28-06:00

We offer 2 Profile options: Free and Premium

Click here for details and pricing.

How do I access my account settings?2018-01-23T15:46:27-06:00

Click the Log In / Join link from the top menu to access your existing account or to create a new account.

Once logged in, you will be able edit your profile that appears in the ArtEdu Directory (or create one), access your message board, and manage your confidential account details.

LEFT SIDE – Account Settings

  • Account: your first name, last name, email address, and username
  • Change Password
  • Billing Address
  • Notifications: specify if you want to receive an email when someone sends a private message
  • Delete Account

RIGHT SIDE – Member Quick Links

  • Message Center – to access your private messages
  • Change Photo – to edit your headshot/logo and banner cover photo (if you have a free and premium profile)
  • Edit Profile – to edit your profile in the Directory
  • Create Directory Profile – to add a free or premium profile
  • Upgrade to Premium Profile – this option is shown if you have a free profile
  • Submit a Workshop to the Calendar – a link to buy basic or featured listings
  • My Workshop List – to view your current listings
  • Order History, Payment Methods – to access your “money” dashboard
  • Logout