Who doesn’t want to receive a scholarship? Or several? Art scholarships are definitely out there, but it will take some digging on your part and then time to fill out the applications.

After watching my niece Faith apply for dozens and dozens of college scholarships during her senior year of high school, I’m convinced that being resourceful on the internet is a good skill to have. Finding the non-obvious scholarships can pay off too. Faith received one from her local electric cooperative, and even one from Burger King.

Where to Search for Scholarships

Corporations, small companies and non-profits are great places to research, as they usually have outreach programs. In the art world, visit the websites of manufacturers and distributors of art materials and supplies.

College scholarships generally fall into two categories. Need-based scholarships require you to be in financial need of the scholarship in order to attend college (start here: FAFSA, Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Merit-based scholarships have something to do with your GPA, competitions won, community service performed or some other merit.

To help the visual art student get started, visit Scholarships.com and look at Scholarships by Artist Ability, or click on these shortcuts:

Another web source listing 1.5 million scholarships and internships (worth $3.4 billion!!) is Fastweb.com. Just fill out their profile questionnaire to have full access.

Happy hunting, and good luck with putting together the money pieces in your puzzle!