Funny how connections we make in life, and art, keep coming back around. Over twenty years ago, I had the pleasure of designing a new book, Patinas for Silicon Bronze, for master patineur Pat Kipper. It was my first introduction to this fascinating blending of science and art.

Fast forward to 2018…Kipper’s book is still a best-selling reference for sculptors and I’m now in the business of connecting art teachers with students here at Art Cantina. And so I take this opportunity to announce that Patrick’s final studio workshop will be in early May at his Loveland, Colorado studio.

Patinas for Silicon Bronze bookWhen asked why he shares his knowledge on such secretive subjects such as bronze patination and conservation, Patrick responds: “I feel lucky to be able to have compiled such a pool of knowledge and feel obligated to share and assist others who may find themselves on the same path and hopefully, by doing so, reduce many of the pitfalls and frustrations that I and others have experienced.”

Patrick Kipper has over forty years of experience in the field of bronze patina and the science of fine art conservation of bronze pieces, for both indoor and outdoor sculpture. This experience and his creativity have provided him with one of the largest known palettes of patinas.

Pat Kipper teaching