Zoom-ing in on Art Lessons

How does teaching artist Lori Corbett connect with art students from around the world without leaving her home in Saint Anthony, Idaho? She uses Zoom, an amazingly powerful yet simple-to-use online conferencing and sharing tool.

Lori’s workshop “Practical Color Theory and Mixing” includes live Q&A sessions once a week where students can speak to her and each other via their computer’s microphone or a headset. They can ask questions, receive tips, and visually review the previous week’s lesson.

Zoom Creates Collaborative, Virtual Classrooms

Zoom blue logoAt Art Cantina, we are excited about the far-reaching potential of this tool because it enables teachers AND students to remotely participate in real-time art lessons.

Zoom start screenZoom will open many doors for art students who can’t travel but need personal advice, encouragement and feedback, something not found in pre-recorded video tutorials.

I’ve tried a few video conferencing sites, but Zoom is my favorite: group meetings are free for up to 40 minutes and set up is quick, both for the teacher hosting the meeting and for students with good internet connections.

Their whiteboarding and annotation capabilities of shared screens are pretty nifty too. What a great tool for critiques!

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