kudos from our fans

I’m excited about the possibilities with Art Cantina for both instructors and students. It’s easy to find what you are looking for, and as an instructor, I appreciate the ease of listing and the visibility of the workshops. Thank you for the great job!

What a great resource for both teachers and students to be able to connect for classes and workshops all in one place. Such a wonderful service. I’m so excited to be a part of Art Cantina!

I believe that ART is the fourth basic human need – it follows water, food, and shelter. If the world practiced more art, we would have less war. Art Cantina helps spread and support our efforts to inspire a more creative and peaceful population through art.

I love the entire process of teaching, meeting new people, seeing the world and creating lifetime friendships. And now Art Cantina can help with the marketing part that most artists find too time-consuming and stressful. I know this will be an incredibly valuable and successful tool for artists.

Art Cantina has been pivotal in helping me connect with artists across the country of all levels and mediums for my Hameau Farm Studio Artist Retreats. Their website is easy to navigate and they actively promote my upcoming workshops and classes. Thanks, Art Cantina, for bringing art to everyone!