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Workshops with Jeannie McGuire will encourage and challenge artists to communicate a story or feeling in their paintings to create strong figurative works of art. Through demonstrations, candid conversation and individual time Jeannie shares her painting style and thoughts as well as the versatility of watercolor. Her workshops focus on; absorbing the viewer by developing emotion and movement; intertwining figurative subjects with their background; seeing natural design in reference materials; and most importantly a purpose for creating art in your unique style.

Jeannie hopes to inspire individual expression and encourage students to go beyond their current work level and aspire to create exhibition quality works. Workshop instruction focuses on creating paintings of people as works of art versus formal portraits and developing backgrounds that encourage a story, feeling or purpose to emerge in your unique style.

Attendees receive plenty of personal attention, individual critiques and painting time.

Jeannie McGuire, a Pittsburgh-based artist, strives to invoke individual interpretation through her artwork, which impressively utilizes a free application of paint and stylistic forms of expression.

McGuire uses her own photography, acquired snapshots and life drawings to spark her creativity. Her work has been described as a brilliant combination of emotion, movement, natural design, and sheer artistry that has been expanded upon from her days as a commercial graphic designer and photographer. Impressionistic in nature with an identifiable subject, her strong, figurative approaches are unique in more ways than one. As is the case, her works have been displayed and awarded on an International level including invitational exhibitions in the USA, China, France and Italy