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Come paint the vistas and valleys of the Flint Hills that have been my muse for over 20 years! This plein air workshop will concentrate on how light affects local color during different times of day. We will discuss different types of light and shadow: light, highlight, halftone, shade, cast shadow, and reflected light. We will study the difference between morning, evening and mid daylight. We will also learn how adjusting the temperature and chroma of the color can help flatten areas of your painting and show 3 dimensional form in other areas. We will learn how to break down the beginning of your paintings into abstract shapes separating lights from darks. Then breaking down the smaller shapes into planes of color. Value studies/notans and color studies will be emphasized in order to get the line, shape and value of the composition correct, as well as the color planes. Kim will offer demos and lots of individual attention at the easel.

A supply list will be provided. Students are expected to bring their own supplies. This is an outdoor workshop, however students should bring a few reference photos to use in case of inclement weather.

We will meet at the Lodge at Flying W Ranch at 9am Friday morning. Coffee and light breakfast will be served. We will start with a quick introduction, then we will go over ideas for turning form and discuss different types of light. When we go out, I will demo midday light. Lunch will be included and served at the Lodge. Students will work on midday light paintings in the afternoon.

Saturday, we will meet bright and early at our determined location and I will do a quick demo of early morning light. Students will then work on their morning light paintings. Lunch will be included and served at the Lodge. We won’t paint in the middle of the day, and instead go out for the evening light. In the middle of the day, we will have a discussion about marketing and there will be some free time to rest. Students will work on afternoon and evening light paintings from 3pm-7pm on Saturday.

Sunday, we will meet at our determined location and concentrate on finding the different types of light in our paintings. We will stop painting at 10am so we can meet at the Lodge to have a group discussion and full critique of our paintings!