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The Art of Seeing-Making a Painting Work, with Ned Mueller: This workshop will emphasize the process of Plein Air Painting. I will talk and demo about the “Art of Seeing”. I am not trying to be too literal when I am looking for subject to paint. I am usually looking for “an interesting or compelling arrangement of shapes and colors”..trying to see subject less literally, not as a mountain, trees, clouds and such..but how interesting are the shapes and colors of that mountain, trees, clouds and such, how do they relate to each other, and what can I add or subtract to make it work better.

Can I make the trees bigger or smaller, clouds larger or smaller and the same with mountains and who can I make it all more interesting. I think that this leads to a better work of “Art” and helps us find more of our own voice, than just copying what is in front of us. I will talk and demo about doing quick little value studies to get our concepts and design down to see what we might change. I really believe most paintings are ruined at the start as we don’t take the time to work things out a little with these value studies. I will do a demo each day and will have plenty of time to get around to everyone as often as I can. I like to keep the workshop as lighthearted as I can as I think people learn more if they are not too serious and maybe just trying too hard! We will work hard, make mistakes, learn and have fun doing it all!!