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Created by Lori Corbett, author of “Carving Award-Winning Songbirds” and contributor to the four book Birds of Prey series, by Denny Rogers, brings you the ONLY online color theory & paint mixing course of it’s kind. The course offers content in short videos, and Lessons a drip-fed once a week. This is to ensure that all students are at the same point when we have our LIVE Q&A sessions every Thursday evening, via Zoom. All students are able to speak to me and each other, ask questions, offer tips, and review the previous week’s Lesson. This is a speaking chat, not a typed chat. The student interacts by voice, either through their computer’s microphone, or a headset.

There is also homework, beginning in Lesson 2. The student demonstrates their understanding of the concepts taught by doing various exercises based on the content of the Lesson. These are submitted to me, and I will then do a video critique of the exercise, and upload it to Dropbox, where it can be accessed by any student in the course. The critiques offer help, tips, tricks and a few extra nuggets of knowledge, so I encourage the students to also review the critiques of their fellow students.

The course is for life, so any addittions, changes, etc. are available to every student who has taken the course, no matter the date. All video Lessons are downloadable. There are also downloadable supplemental material, a transcript, and an audio file made available.

The class size is small, so interaction with me is more personal, and in-depth. I am also available via email.

In addition to the above, there is a Leaderboard for each session. Students can earn extra points by finding the “Golden Egg”, in the form as an answer to a question, extra credit on exercises, and interaction. The student with the most points at the end of the course receives a $50.00 gift e-certificate to Dick Blick, providing there are (3), or more, students enrolled for that session.

This is a PRACTICAL color theory and mixing course, designed to help the student understand why pigments behave the way they do, and how to use those properties to their advantage, rather than trying to make it do what it’s impossible for that pigment to do. In other words, how to choose the correct pigments to achive the color needed, resulting in less wasted paint, and less frustration.

The course necessarily contains some theory, but it it is designed to teach the practical aspect of mixing colors, and how/why certain pigments work better than others for specific mixes.