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Have you ever caught sight of something that took your breath away? A piece of jewelry that spoke to your soul? Who made it? Where is it from? What story does it tell? And, could you ever make something so meaningful?

The answer is yes. A resounding, yes. Talented artist Susan Lenart Kazmer joins us in Antigua, Guatemala for just this: to create a special talisman immersed in sacred experience and personal significance, refined technique and historic meaning. To practice mindfulness in the pursuit and creation of your art.

Our Talisman workshop is a creative journey set to the spectacular backdrop of an ancient city, one of the world’s most artistic and historic. We’ll learn from innovative techniques and mixed-media mastery – resin and metal, wire and fiber, glass and organic materials. We’ll work with a local jade jeweler, to carve a piece of jade close to your soul. A true talisman that you’ll incorporate into your final piece – a meaningful and deeply personal souvenir to take with you.

We’re leaving our everyday at home and exchanging responsibilities for the diverse beauty of Guatemala. We’re leaving our creative blocks and artistic ruts behind and embracing new techniques and even newer friends. We’re here to learn, to see, to experience, and to create – to absorb the new in a land of old. We’ll draw inspiration from all these sights, places and people. From today, yesterday, and centuries past. We’ll soak it all up. We’ll wrap ourselves in creativity. We’ll fashion talismans that speak to our souls and reflect our life experiences.

Come, learn with us. Adventures with us. Explore and create. Experience something new in a place older than memory. Carve, make and seek your artist’s soul. Challenge yourself to Antigua.