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A good painting tells as much about the artist as the painting itself. Mueller will talk about the whole process of putting a painting together, including: first concept development; small idea and value composition studies; the use of a color study; and completing a finished work of art. Students will also do direct painting without preliminary studies. The emphasis will not be on the finished piece, but on the process of making a more successful painting. Remember, most paintings are ruined at the start, not at the end, as not enough preliminary thought is given to them.

Students will work on counter-change, color harmony, and the balance of masses and shapes in size, value, and color. Mueller will talk about seeing things in a more “abstract” way…not to see mountains, water, trees, etc., so literally, but to see them as an interesting arrangement of shapes and colors. Students will then start to think more as an “artist” and find their own voice. Mueller will also talk about the design of a painting…what to change, add or subtract, and what to emphasize to make a more successful painting.

Students should be prepared to work from their own photos and/or field studies. Mueller will have a large selection of photos from around the country and world…portraits, figures, and landscapes. Starts, mistakes, and failures could be the order of the day, but Mueller says, “We will make mistakes, work hard, and have a good time doing it!”