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This workshop with Teresa Vito includes a wine and appetizer meet-and-greet on Sunday the day prior to the beginning of the workshop with a small exhibit of Teresa’s work. Students have this opportunity to meet each other as well as the instructor. It will be held at the lovely home of Ted and Mary Grace Eubank in Cordillera. A map will be sent to you upon registration. This is optional.

From Start To Finish

Still –life is a great way to learn how to paint better no matter what your subject is, including landscape and figure. Still-life doesn’t move or need a model break when you are on a roll painting. They are also a great excuse to paint with bright, fun colors which fruit and flowers exhibit.

Learn the best way to set up a still-life to create a dynamic composition, this is very important in a successful painting. The first day we will start with a simple set up of just a few objects, which will help you to see just the big shapes that create the design. We will practice with a monochromatic palette, painting numerous quick sketches, experimenting with different backgrounds and lighting. This exercise will help you to understand how these things affect your finished painting.

We will graduate to full color, and you will learn to see the temperature changes in colors and to work with hard and soft edges which help to make your painting interesting.

The last two days will be spent on a larger canvas with a more complicated composition. Hopefully you will go home with a finished painting!

Teresa Vito is an enthusiastic, fun and knowledgeable teacher who has been a full time oil painter since 1992