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The Workshop with Anne Kullaf:
“A watercolor sketch can say so much with a few properly placed strokes in just the right color and value. In this workshop, we will concentrate on identifying and capturing the essential elements of the places we visit–the things that evoke the unique feelings we experience during our travels that we will want to remember most when we return home. The sunlight on warm terra cotta, the petals of sunflowers and the old world feeling of the plazas, churches and fountains.

Emphasis will be placed on learning how to draw accurately in a very gestural manner with a brush.  Perspective, proportion, form and value will be the concepts we focus on. Working both monochromatically and in full color, we will use a limited palette of pigments to create vibrant, harmonious studies that can stand on their own or be used as reference for studio paintings.

Most important of all, we will have a relaxed learning experience in a supportive atmosphere where everyone is encouraged to learn at their own pace.” – Anne

The Destination:
Over five days and four nights, you will explore the world of watercolor sketching – an art that captures the world’s beauty in a way no camera ever could. Step back in time with us with pen and paper in hand as we wander the cobblestone streets of Old Montreal.  Stunning 17th century architecture, sidewalk cafes, horse drawn carriages, world-class museums, art galleries and stylish boutiques. Your days will be spent drawing and painting in a relaxed, fun environment with a group of like-minded travelers.